Why an Advantage Home?

5 reasons to buy an Advantage Home

1)  Pride

You've made it.  You've worked hard, and now you're the owner of your house and your own land.  Yours is not just any house; you own a brand-new, site built house.  Something for you to feel proud of every time you arrive home.

2)  Show your style

Advantage Homes provides you the opportunity to personalize your house. Our consultants will work with you to create your house.  They wll help you choose your lot, home model, flooring and kitchen cupboard colours, among many other options. There's no need to spend thousands of dollars updating an older house when you can put your own stamp on a brand new Advantage Home. View our pre-order process or contact us to discuss your options. 

3)  Save Money

An Advantage Home is an energy efficient home, with a minimum Energuide rating of 85; compared to an upgraded older house with a typical score of 51-65.  The Energuide rating is a gauge of the efficiency of the house, with a point difference being the equivalent of 3-5% decrease in energy costs.  An Advantage Home has potential energy costs 170% less than an older house.  What does this mean?  More money for you.  More money for you to save or to spend with and on your friends and family.  It's more money for you.

4)  No Suprises

Advantage Homes is pleased to provide all clients with a personalized log-in to our client portal.  Through this specialized portal, clients can track the progress of your house through construction.  There will be weekly pictures to see and to share with your friends and family.  Plus, you can ask any questions to our consultants, ultimately reducing any surprises that may happen.  View the demo of our online portal.

5)  No Stress

With Advantage Homes you do not need to worry about cost overruns or missed closing dates - we deliver1.  The price on the initial agreement is the price you will pay.  You can expect to move in on the closing date set during your initial paperwork.2  Once construction is completed our industry leading Advantage Warranty will keep you worry-free for the next five years.  You won't have to worry about what to do or how to pay for any major repairs.  You can focus on what truly matters to you.

One more bonus reason:

6)  Price 

You can have all of this in a semi-detached, such as the Bristol, from $594.973 per month2 or a single family house, such as the Cambridge, from $686.394 per month3.  An Advantage Home is an unmatched value.


1 Subject to any customer modifications through change orders, options and client meeting all required deadlines.

2 $129,950 purchase price, 10% down payment, 3.49% interest rate, and 25-year amortization, O.A.C.

3 149,950 purchase price, 10% down payment, 3.49% interest rate, and 25-year year amortization, O.A.C.